Tarot Reading By Email


100% personalized!

Discover the hidden wisdom of your future with personalized Tarot reading through email, providing you with clarity and insight into key aspects of life.

Your current struggles and questions are not insurmountable – with the Tarot reading service via email, you will receive answers that are urgently needed to navigate through challenges more easily.

With expert interpretation of Tarot cards, I will convey personal messages tailored to your questions and needs.

With this simple step, you will receive a thorough and personal understanding to help you make informed decisions regarding love, career, and finances and more.

This is not a “instant prediction” like the ones you usually get from other fortune tellers. Our conversation takes place via email, where you can ask me anything you’re interested in. My readings are incredibly accurate and reliable, as confirmed by many of my clients. Sometimes I even surprise myself. 🙂

During the card reading, I also connect with your spirit guides, who convey through me what needs urgent change in your life, where you are stuck, and what your next step should be. This way, you get concrete answers, solutions, and guidance for your life.

The answers are clear, concrete, precise, without any fluff.

The safe and discreet method via email allows you to receive your answers anytime, anywhere, whenever you need guidance, within 24 hours.*

Consult with me via email and explore how my Tarot reading can bring positive change to your life.

Don’t hesitate – now is the moment to overcome obstacles and discover solutions through Tarot reading via email, bringing you immediate relief.

With this crucial step, you will receive answers that will aid you in the moment you need it the most.

Now is the time to unveil your path to a better future!

Don’t delay in changing your destiny – order now and embark on the path of clarity and easier confrontation of your challenges!

Choose your favorite package.

Before selecting your package, please read the terms and conditions.

Package A

14 USD, 18 CAD, 11 GBP
  • Up to 2 questions
  • For minor issues.
  • For a brief overview
  • For individual questions.

Package B

22 USD, 30 CAD, 17,5 GBP
  • Up to 4 questions.
  • For moderately difficult issues.
  • For deeper insight/discussion.
  • Multiple areas/topics.

*We reserve the right to send your responses later, up to 48 hours, due to increased workload.

Order process:

• Before selecting your package, please read the terms and conditions.

• Select your package according to your needs.

• Complete the payment process.

• You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, or other payment cards, or via Paypal or direct bank transfer (account details are on the right).

• Check carefully that you have correctly entered your email address.

• You will first receive a confirmation of the service order to your email address.

• After receiving the payment, I will contact you via email to confirm your order and invite you to ask me the questions which you need to be answered.

• Also, check your spam/junk mail folder, as my email may end up there.

• If you have any additional questions, please write to me at info@aurorainyou.com.

Bank transfer details or via UPN form.

If you intend to pay via the UPN form, after making the payment, you need to send the payment confirmation to info@aurorainyou.com.


Amount: As per the price list

Purpose code: OTHR

Purpose: Package name (Package A/Package B)

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 2418 114 (DH – Delavska Hranilnica)


Reference: SI00 + payment date

Name: “Aurora in You – spirit of essence”, Urška Košak, s.p.

Address: Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Discover Your Destiny: Gain Clarity and Direction Through Tarot Card Readings"

Disclaimer: Divination and Tarot card interpretation are intended for entertainment purposes and personal development only. The information provided during divination should be understood as general advice and not as a substitute for professional advice from a medical practitioner, financial advisor, or legal expert. The decisions you make based on divination are solely your responsibility. The diviner is not liable for any consequences of your actions. In case of serious health, financial, or legal issues, consult with a specialist in the relevant field. The use of divination services is entirely at your own risk.

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