Your New Favourite Brand Of Natural Products.

AURORA IN YOU - spirit of essence is a unique brand of energy essences which has been created especially for you to improve your physical, emotional and energetic body.

What is their speciality?

The royal blue bottles with gold caps hide the magic of fragrances made from natural, authentic essential oils that carry an incredible vibration of the best plants from all over the world.

The ancient people knew the secret power of essential oils and used them to treat all diseases and problems in a natural and body-friendly way.

It is no longer a secret that various illnesses and mental states are the result of energy blockages in our body.

Namely, the modern way of life greatly reduces the vibration of our body.

That is why I created these unique energy essences that are your greatest allies in the world.

In addition to essential oils, there are carefully selected crystals hidden inside the bottles, which further raises your vibration.

These crystals carry a healing light code in them that aligns with your vibration and then raises it to such a level that essential oils can fulfill their mission.

Thus, healing begins at all energy levels, physical, emotional and energetic.

Sounds unbelievable? 

I invite you to experience my essential oils.

And, it is no coincidence that you are reading these lines just now as energy essences choose their future user.

Allow yourself to bring magic into your life.


Aurora in You is here for You, with Love!

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